Want to know how healthy you really are?

Do you have occasional gas? Bloating? Constipation?
Or other digestive distress? It’s time you knew the truth...

Something BAD is
hiding in your intestines...

...and you could help fix it in 7 seconds a day

Dear Reader,

It’s true. Something bad could be lurking in your intestines.

In fact, your whole digestive tract could be teeming with billions of bad bacteria that can upset your digestive comfort. Because for optimal digestion, you need a delicate balance of good and bad bacteria in your intestines. But sometimes, from stress, diet, or certain medications, the bad bacteria can start to outnumber the good...

The result?
Occasional gas. Bloating. Indigestion. Cramping. Discomfort.
You name it.

But why suffer when you don’t have to?

Beyond plain discomfort, occasional problems like these should never be ignored. So when my patients report these symptoms, I take them extremely seriously. Some of these men and women have just about given up. But that’s when I recommend a 7-second secret that you do just once a day. And the result is a fully supported digestive system that is primed to digest whatever you feed it. So keep reading to see the science...and the results...

Here, at the Stengler Center for Integrative Medicine in Encinitas, California, I use one secret to help my patients maintain optimal digestion – safely and naturally. Because, when it comes to these occasional symptoms...

My 7-second secret helps in so many ways!

✔ And MUCH MORE...

For years, I’ve been helping countless patients maintain optimal digestion – so I’ve seen first-hand what works and what doesn’t. But I realized it was too hard to recommend all the specific strains of probiotics that work – because I couldn’t find a single yogurt, drink or supplement out there that delivered exactly what I wanted for my patients.  Either it was the right strains and the wrong amounts or I’d find all kinds of products using ineffective strains – banking on the fact that most people wouldn’t realize the difference.

So I found a way to create a premium probiotic formula – without the premium price. It’s called Probiotic Performance Plus and it combines the specific probiotic strains, in the exact amounts I take and recommend to my patients.

And now...

You’re invited to try Probiotic Performance Plus—
and your satisfaction is GUARANTEED

But before I tell you about my one-of-a-kind guarantee, let me explain why Probiotic Performance Plus is a TRUE 7-second secret to support your digestive system, and help ease your occasional digestive problems – so you’ll feel great and not have to worry about embarrassing digestive troubles!

How does Probiotic Performance Plus work this digestive magic?

The secret lies in the five unique types of probiotics (the “good guys”) selected for the formula. You see, when I decided to create a probiotic formula that really works, I chose the strains I’ve seen work over and over again.

And there are many different kinds to choose from.

And now that probiotics are so popular, marketers have begun to fill their products with 10, 15 or even 20 different kinds — and they don’t care if the ones they chose have been shown to actually work. They just want your money.

That’s simply insane... That’s why I decided to create my own potent formula that includes probiotics backed by high quality trials, as well as the ones I’ve seen work from first-hand experience . And it’s easy for me to stand behind this product because I’ve not only seen it work for my patients – I take it myself!

You see, Probiotic Performance Plus starts with the probiotic I call the “Genesis Strain.”

Remember when you could eat anything?

You could go to the circus and devour a bucket of popcorn, some cotton candy and still have room for ice cream on the way home! The consequences for this feast? Zero. You’d wake up rested, hungry and rarin’ to go the next day. It was as if you had a “cast-iron stomach.” And this gave me an idea...

So I set out to figure out how in the world we could eat just about anything when we were younger without ever paying for it later. It turns out, your digestive system was fresh, clean and teeming with a vital bacterial strain called bifidobacterium longum (BB536). Don’t bother trying to pronounce it. Just call it the Genesis Strain.

Why? Because it was one of the very first strains to colonize your digestive tract on the day you were born. This dominant strain is truly what Mother Nature intended to keep your digestion healthy for life. But as you grew older, things like stress, diet, chlorinated water, pollution, toxins and drugs such as antibiotics kept killing these healthy bacteria...and your stomach troubles began.

So, to help you turn back the clock and restore healthy levels of this incredible strain, I made sure each capsule of Probiotic Performance Plus delivers over 5 billion genesis strain bacteria. But don’t just take my word for it -- this strain is backed by numerous scientific reports, studies and human clinical trials. And once inside your digestive tract, the genesis strain helps recolonize your colon — just like it did when you were born.

But that’s not all! A Japanese clinical test with women volunteers showed that the genesis strain significantly improved digestion and fecal frequency and softness in three weeks.

That means NO constipation...no straining!

Just imagine...with the help of Probiotic Performance Plus, you’ll have a fully supported digestive system to help you handle all the foods you eat – so you feel GREAT.

And I’ve seen it work! In fact, my patients have reported rapid relief from their most stubborn digestive problems in a matter of days or even hours...

And when you feel that first pang of digestive distress, you don’t want to wait, you want relief and you want it fast.

Constipated? Straining? Waiting... and WAITING? Who needs it!

You WANT to go...but nothing happens. Then you start straining and straining. I hear this complaint a LOT from my patients and I always recommend Probiotic Performance Plus. Why? Because it contains a critical bacterial strain that provided significant relief from occasional constipation in quality human testing. Just look...

A 35-percent INCREASE in stool frequency and a vast improvement in texture and softness...

In the study of Japanese women I mentioned earlier, test subjects who reported mild constipation actually achieved the BEST results after ingesting BB536 for three weeks— with a 35% jump in stool frequency.

Even better, the actual composition of the stool was softer—making elimination much easier. What a relief. There’s just no need to sit...and wait...and strain anymore. When you give your digestive system the proven support it needs, life gets a LOT easier!

But as powerful as the Genesis Strain is on its own, Probiotic Performance Plus goes even further –

Providing 4 more strains to give you support for optimal digestion, intestinal health, and a healthy immune system...

If you’re currently taking a probiotic, that’s a very smart move. But I’ve got one question to ask:

Does your probiotic pass the ACID test?

I’m talking about stomach acid, of course. Your current probiotic may be incinerated the moment it hits the acid-barrier in your stomach— so you’re just wasting your money. The friendly flora you need never reach your upper or lower GI tract.

If you want to be sure that the full length of your digestive system is protected, you need to choose the right strains like BB536 and LP-115 – both of which you’ll find in Probiotic Performance Plus. Because, research shows that they can survive past your stomach acid to make it through to your intestinal tract – so they can work their magic and keep your digestive system healthy and comfortable!  

If you’re trusting a different formula, you could be flushing your money down the drain and NOT getting the digestive benefits you’re hoping for.

So how much more could 20 BILLION units of superior probiotics do for you!?

If you’re still wondering if a probiotic supplement is right for you, consider this – I personally recommend taking Probiotic Performance Plus to EVERYONE – even if they have NO stomach problems at all.

It’s THAT important...

Why? Because a good probiotic does more than keep your digestive system comfortable and regular – having the right balance of good bacteria in your gut helps you stay healthy by keeping bad bacteria in check. Plus, keeping your digestive system healthy helps make sure you’ll be getting ALL the nutrients out of every supplement you take and every bite of food you eat.

And because each, easy-to-swallow capsule of Probiotic Performance Plus delivers a whopping 20 BILLION friendly bacteria to your digestive system – you can count on Probiotic Performance Plus and its 20 BILLION probiotic soldiers to keep your digestive tract on FULL alert and ready for whatever foods you eat!

Compare this to the measly 1 billion to 2 billion in many brand-name probiotics. Probiotic Performance Plus delivers up to 20 TIMES MORE friendly bacteria for your system. And not just any probiotic bacteria -- you get the BEST probiotics – the ones I’ve seen work

That’s why I urge you to try Probiotic Performance Plus today!

Isn’t it time YOU enjoyed the carefree digestion you once had? Wouldn’t you love to find one simple, 7-second secret for easing occasional...


Plus, wouldn’t you feel better knowing you’ve given your body the support it needs to help maintain a healthy immune system?

When you take just 7 seconds a day to pour a glass of water and take a single capsule of Probiotic Performance Plus, ALL of this can happen for you. And...

Your satisfaction with Probiotic Performance Plus is GUARANTEED!

Why wait another second? I want you to get the same superior digestive support I give to my patients. And your satisfaction is backed by my “ANYTIME GUARANTEE!” If you don’t feel positive results and rediscover the joys of carefree, digestion – or if you’re not satisfied for any reason – just return your unused portion for a FULL refund, less shipping. That’s right. When you order Probiotic Performance Plus today – you can feel confident that if you ever decide it’s not right for you – you can return it at ANY time for a 100% refund, less shipping. No questions asked.

A message from Emily Walker, Vice President, Dr. Mark Stengler’s Health Products...

Don’t be fooled by inferior probiotics that cut corners...

We test our product before shipment to help guarantee that you get the potency you need.

That’s why, within days, you could start to feel results with Probiotic Performance Plus.

I’ve seen it with my patients, I’ve experienced it myself. And I’m totally confident the same thing will happen for you.

“It’s a shame so many people suffer with occasional digestive distress when they can do something about it in just 7 seconds a day!”

Dear Reader,

There’s ZERO need to suffer anymore because Dr. Mark Stengler has a 7-second breakthrough that REALLY works!

It’s called Probiotic Performance Plus and it’s the ultimate probiotic formula created and researched by Dr. Stengler himself. It’s the same formula he now prescribes to his patients and for himself.

While some products deliver only 1 billion or 2 billion friendly flora, Probiotic Performance Plus delivers 20 BILLION in each capsule! Plus, it delivers FIVE unique kinds of probiotics — including what he calls the “genesis strain” -- the fundamental bacteria that colonized your intestines at birth. All you do is take 7 seconds everyday before breakfast, pour a glass of water, and take ONE capsule of Probiotic Performance Plus and you’re set!

Imagine relief for occasional gas, bloating, diarrhea, cramping — you name it! But please do NOT take my word for it. Just try it and see.

Remember, you are GUARANTEED to feel better fast or you pay NOTHING!

Probiotic Performance Plus is backed by Dr. Stengler’s ANYTIME guarantee. Which means, if you’re not satisfied for ANY reason, at ANY TIME – you can return whatever you’ve got left for every single cent you paid, less the cost of shipping.

That way, you’ve got plenty of time to decide whether or not it’s right for you – with no pressure.  You can try it for as long as you like to feel the difference it can make for you. We guarantee you’ll LOVE it – or we’ll refund your money. Just like that.

If you don’t feel that Probiotic Performance Plus is making a huge difference for you – or you’re not happy for any reason -- simply return any unused bottles and you’ll get a full 100% refund, less shipping. No questions asked!

So what are you waiting for? See what a difference proper digestive support can make. I urge you to give Probiotic Performance Plus a risk-free try!


Emily Walker, Vice President
Dr. Mark Stengler’s Health Products

P.S. Remember, Dr. Stengler has seen Probiotic Performance Plus work wonders for his patients. After years of figuring out what probiotics REALLY work – Dr. Stengler created Probiotic Performance Plus so you could keep your digestive tract healthy and comfortable with the exact same probiotics he uses at his clinic. Order today! Your satisfaction is guaranteed!

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