My Dear Health-Smart Friend,

Let me clear one thing up right from the start. There’s no doubt in my mind that CoQ10 is every bit of the wonder everyone says it is...

When I first saw Frank, he was a shell of his former self.

He was tired, lacked the vitality of his younger years and was unable to work at his beloved nursery.  He was also skeptical of natural supplements.

But I was able to convince Frank to give Co-Enzyme Q10 (CoQ10) a try, and what happened next was nothing short of a miracle.CoQ10 revitalized Frank so effectively he had a new lease on life.  He even looked and felt like a new man!

Frank’s story, which happened about 17 years ago, shows you the power of CoQ10.  But that was then.  Now, modern medical advances mean...

You can enjoy even greater health miracles!

It’s now possible for you to boost your heart health...keep healthy blood pressure ...revitalize your energy...and regain your youthfulness in even more powerful ways! But before you can reap all these fantastic rewards — and all the benefits you’ve been promised — there’s something you MUST know first...

Chances are good you’ve only heard part of CoQ10’s story, so read on for...

*The “other” form of CoQ10 that most supplement makers won’t dare tell you about

*The new CoQ10 “combo” that unleashes its full power for you

*And a revolutionary formula that delivers the active forms of CoQ10.  It’s the only one I recommend for my patients. (That’s right. I said forms — there’s more than one.)

For years, my patients have been enjoying the full age-defying, health-boosting benefits of this special CoQ10 blend—and now, it’s your turn.  Please read on...

New discovery transforms CoQ10 from Clark Kent to Superman!
Light years ahead of ordinary CoQ10 for super health and vitality!

If you’re already taking some kind of CoQ10, you’re off to a good start. 

After all, CoQ10 is responsible for...

  • Converting carbs and fat into ATP energy, which is the raw form of energy desperately needed by your...
    • Heart
    • Brain
    • And ALL of your cells!
  • Effectively suppressing age-robbing free radicals — which are known to damage cells and cause the tell-tale signs of aging...

In fact...

 Studies show the power of CoQ10 for promoting...

*A STRONG HEART: In an international study of 2,660 people, nearly 80 percent of those taking CoQ10 saw an increase in overall heart health when compared to their starting values.

*HEALTHY CHOLESTEROL: The medical journal Bio Factors reports that CoQ10 has been shown to inhibit the oxidation of LDL “bad” cholesterol.

*HEALTHY BLOOD PRESSURE: In a review of 12 clinical trials involving 362 people, taking regular CoQ10 was shown to promote healthy blood pressure numbers.

*INCREASED ENERGY PERFORMANCE: In a double-blind study reported in Molecular Aspects of Medicine, cross-country skiers took 90 mg of regular CoQ10 or a placebo—and 94 percent of those taking CoQ10 reported that it boosted their performance.

That’s why everyone over the age of 40 would be crazy not to take CoQ10!  

No wonder sales of CoQ10 have soared. Yet shockingly...

The way most people take CoQ10 falls way short!

This is a travesty because I’ve seen first-hand how this breakthrough in natural medicine can do wonders for your health, vitality and youthfulness.

That’s why I’m excited to tell you that now you can take the same special, bioactive forms of CoQ10 I give my patients in my exclusive formula RevitalizeQ Plus.

Now, as one of my readers, you’re invited to try it WORRY FREE!

In a moment, I’ll tell you how my exclusive formula, RevitalizeQ Plus can help you feel years younger and stronger in just 30 days—guaranteed.

First though, let me tell you about the BEST way to take CoQ10 — that no one ever talks about....

For years, I’ve prescribed a special blend of CoQ10 for my patients that’s light years ahead of most CoQ10 supplements you can buy.  Let me explain.

 The CoQ10 most people take and the type used in most studies is called “ubiquinone.”

And it is very important for your health because it powers up your heart, brain and vitality in the intra-cellular regions of your body (inside of your cells).

Yet for CoQ10 to be fully utilized by your body, it must be turned into its reduced form, known as “ubiquinol.” In other words — your body needs BOTH forms.

Up to age 40, your body has no trouble converting ubiquinone into ubiquinol.  But as you age, this ability decreases. And if your CoQ10 supplement is only giving you one form or the other — you’re missing out (and paying for more than you’re getting).

As you’ll see in just a moment, to get the most out of CoQ10 — you need ubiquinol and ubiquinone to work together...

That’s why I combine my ubiquinone with the bioavailable form of CoQ10 called “ubiquinol”

Ubiquinol requires no conversion by your body—so you instantly get the most active antioxidant form of CoQ10. Meaning, ubiquinol doesn’t waste any time and goes to work right away to help you fight the free radicals that are damaging your cells and stealing your youth.

Even better, research suggests that the unique chemical structure of ubiquinol makes it more absorbable than ubiquinone. Plus it’s even been shown to work as a powerful antioxidant inside and outside your cells.

That’s why the CoQ10 you’ll find in RevitalizeQ Plus is standardized to be at least 25% ubiquinol.

This begs the question: If ubiquinol is such a great form of CoQ10, why do I insist on giving you ubiquinone, too?

As you know, I think ubiquinol is an incredibly powerful form of CoQ10. And I get why a lot of supplement makers are jumping on the bandwagon — but creating a CoQ10 formula without ubiquinone too is a HUGE mistake.

First of all, ubiquinone is the most widely studied form of CoQ10 and stacks of papers, studies and reports all show that it supports energy production inside of your cells, and is especially important for strong and healthy blood flow — which not only helps your heart, but your entire circulatory system. So I’d never skimp on this powerful ingredient.

And the fact that ubiquinone supports energy production INSIDE your cells is the most important difference. Because lately I’ve seen more and more research showing that ubiquinol goes beyond intra-cellular benefits and provides antioxidant power OUTSIDE your cells, too.

So you see, ubiquinol and ubiquinone work together — inside AND outside your cells to give you the maximum benefits of CoQ10.

Now, why on Earth would you just want one or the other?

I always prescribe both forms to my patients — and I wouldn’t put my name on RevitalizeQ Plus any other way. I’ve seen what combining ubiquinol and ubiquinone can really do— and I want you to experience it for yourself.

With the combined power of ubiquinol and ubiquinone, you’ll get the very best results — so you can keep your heart pumping strong, your blood flowing smooth, and your whole body energized so you feel young and vibrant.

Even better...

For the very first time that I know of, BOTH powerful forms of CoQ10 are now combined with a unique and concentrated form of resveratrol!

Live longer and better with resveratrol?

Harvard researchers say it’s possible!

How does resveratrol support your health and longevity? Harvard researchers say it seems to work in the same way as drastic calorie reduction.

The life span of mice, rats and monkeys has been shown to increase when their calories were dramatically cut. Reducing normal food consumption by 30 percent to 40 percent is believed to activate the “longevity gene” called Sir2.

So now, the Harvard University Gazette reports, “If resveratrol and related molecules are found to work as well in humans, we could gain extra years of healthy life without starving for them.” Further research will tell if resveratrol has the same benefit for us.

My exclusive, formula RevitalizeQ Plus takes you beyond ordinary CoQ10 — and not just with ubiquinol, and it also gives you a breakthrough in super health and longevity — resveratrol!

Resveratrol first made headline news in the early 1990s as the secret behind “The French Paradox.” You see, the French typically eat a lot of rich foods and drink wine daily. Yet their overall cardiovascular health is superior to many Americans. And resveratrol—a natural substance first found in grapes and red wine—may be the key to these unique anti-aging benefits.

Interest in resveratrol exploded in 2003 when Dr. David Sinclair of Harvard Medical School reported that resveratrol can activate the “longevity gene.”

Newsweek reported, “A compound found in red wine may extend human life span.”

Fortune headlined: “Drink wine and live longer.”

And you’ve likely heard about resveratrol on Oprah, Dr. Oz and other national TV shows.

As you can imagine, sales of red wine and resveratrol rocketed. And now, new studies suggest that...

Resveratrol helps promote heart health, brain function and circulation

New scientific research suggests resveratrol does more than trigger the longevity gene. It also helps...

Resveratrol… as seen on 60 Minutes!

     “As CBS’ 60 Minutes reported, scientists across the country have identified a substance in red wine called resveratrol they believe might do more than just [support heart health], but could, in very high concentrations, significantly extend life by helping to prevent age-related health conditions.”

     “If they’re right, we all may soon be taking a pill that could give us an extra decade or two of healthy old age,” as reported on CBS News.

  • Promote proper inflammatory response: Controlling inflammation is an important part of maintaining your overall health and well-being. In a study published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, individuals taking 40 mg of resveratrol had a significant reduction in two major factors causing inflammation.
  • Promote circulation to the brain: To help maintain brain health as we age, it is important to keep the blood flowing. In a study reported by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, patients taking large doses of resveratrol experienced an increase in blood flow to the brain as quickly as 45 minutes after taking it.
  • Support cardiovascular health: Promoting increased circulation is also part of maintaining heart health. Great news! In another study published in Nutrition, Metabolism & Cardiovascular Diseases, overweight subjects taking resveratrol enjoyed healthy blood flow and improved dilation of blood vessels—all of which help cardiovascular health.

So, should you drink lots more red wine or
take more resveratrol?
Not so fast!

Best way to get 100 mg of resveratrol each day

  • OPTION No. 1: You could drink red wine—lots of it. In fact, you’d have to drink about 20 bottles a day to get 100 mg of resveratrol.
  • OPTION No. 2: Or, you could take a daily serving of my RevitalizeQ Plus formula — delivering 100 mg of the most unique source of resveratrol!

Yes, resveratrol is found in grapes and red wine. But those aren’t your best sources.

The truth is you have to drink cases of red wine to get enough resveratrol you’d need each day. The Linus Pauling Institute reports that a whole liter of red wine (a little more than a quart) gives you less than 2 milligrams of resveratrol — that’s all!

To put it another way, to get the 100 mg of resveratrol you’re getting from RevitalizeQ Plus, you’d have to drink 20 bottles of red wine!

Resveratrol supplements? You’d better carefully read the label to make sure you’re getting the proper dosage and a concentrated source of resveratrol—that’s not from red wine or grapes.

Beyond ordinary resveratrol!

You see, most news sources will tell you how resveratrol comes from red wine — and how the French are healthy because they drink so much of the stuff...

But the only resveratrol I recommend to my patients doesn’t come from wine — or even grapes.

I prefer the resveratrol from a little-known plant called Japanese Knotweed. It might not be as exciting as a glass of wine — but Japanese Knotweed contains one of the highest concentrations of resveratrol you can find in nature.

That’s why it’s the same source of resveratrol you’ll be able to get in my exclusive, RevitalizeQ Plus formula. Not to mention, getting your resveratrol from wine wouldn’t be easy or safe considering you’d have to drink about 20 bottles to get the same dose you’ll find in RevitalizeQ Plus.

A 90-year-old as healthy as a 60-year old?

Here’s what Harvard’s Dr. David Sinclair has to say about developing anti-aging solutions with resveratrol:

“We’re talking about potentially making a 90-year-old as healthy as a 60-year-old. A 90-year-old can play tennis, and see their great-grandkids graduate from college…and that’s really the aim [of this anti-aging research].”

Yet to feel younger and healthier, you need to fight premature aging at all levels— especially as it relates to free-radical damage. So I didn’t stop with CoQ10 and Resveratrol. RevitalizeQ Plus also includes...

One of the most powerful of all age-fighting antioxidants:
Grape seed extract

It’s a fact: To slow down premature aging and feel younger and stronger, you must stop free radicals. Nothing could age you faster than these destructive molecules which cause oxidative damage to your cells.

The good news is, special compounds in grape seeds known as OPCs (oligomeric proanthocyanidins) are one of the most powerful of all antioxidants to quell age-robbing free radicals.

In fact, OPCs in grape seeds have antioxidant power that’s 20 times greater than vitamin E and 50 times greater than vitamin C. In addition, grape seed extract can help promote healthy blood vessels, vascular function and circulation.

And that’s why grape seed extract is the third key ingredient in my exclusive, RevitalizeQ Plus formula. But that’s not all. This breakthrough formula also includes...

A proprietary blend of nutrients to help you feel young again!

RevitalizeQ Plus goes far beyond typical formulas with a special blend of the age-fighting
nutrients I recommend to my patients.

Together, this blend works synergistically to “power up” the other ingredients to give you nature’s powerful age-defying nutrients in one capsule. These include...

  • Açai fruit extract: The tiny fruit from this Brazilian palm tree is hailed as a strong antioxidant to help you better fight aging.
  • Alpha-lipoic acid: A remarkable antioxidant that’s both water and fat soluble — to help keep the inside and outside of your cells young and healthy.
  • Pomegranate fruit extract: The juice of this fruit, known since Biblical times, has been shown to have antioxidant activity three times that of red wine or green tea.
  • Quercetin dihydrate: A flavonoid found in onions and apple skins, it’s a robust antioxidant that helps prevent oxidation of LDL “bad” cholesterol.
  • Curcuma longa root: This root, also known as turmeric, is a powerful antioxidant that may help promote a healthy inflammatory response throughout the body.

Bottom line: My exclusive RevitalizeQ Plus is uniquely formulated to help...

Slow the aging process to a snail’s pace to help you
feel younger and revitalized in 30 days—

Revolutionary, revitalizing health breakthrough from Dr. Mark Stengler,

Bestselling author and noted TV expert on natural medicine Mark Stengler, NMD, is...

  • Known to millions worldwide as “America’s Natural Doctor.” You may have seen him on PBS, CBS, ABC Family, Fox and other networks…seen him hosting a weekly national television program about natural health…or read about his breakthrough treatments in his monthly newsletter, Health Revelations.
  • Author or co-author of 17 books, including three best sellers.
  • Acclaimed as “the leader of natural medicine’s new wave” for his cutting-edge natural discoveries, including those seen on two PBS documentaries, “7 Steps to Perfect Health” and “Supercharge Your Immune System.”
  • Best yet, Dr. Mark Stengler is now making available to you the exact same age-fighting nutrients he recommends to his patients, in RevitalizeQ Plus.

    As you age, there is no reason why you cannot keep abundant energy, a strong heart, a healthy brain, a robust immune system and youthful vitality.

    How do I know? Because I see the results every day with my patients who are using some of the most powerful natural supplements on earth, like the CoQ10 dreamteam — Ubiquinone and Ubiquinol. Plus, resveratrol from Japanese knotweed...and the other unique nutrients in my RevitalizeQ Plus formula.

    This formula gives you the very same nutrients I give my patients, and is the one that unleashes the full age-fighting, health revitalizing power of these discoveries.

    What can taking my RevitalizeQ Plus formula mean to you?

    • A healthy, strong heart — that performs at peak cardiac energy
    • Flexible arteries and less oxidation of LDL “bad” cholesterol
    • Healthy blood pressure levels
    • A sharp mind and memory
    • Youthful natural energy
    • Support for your immune system
    • Younger-looking skin
    • Feeling rejuvenated and revitalized again!

    When it comes to your health, you deserve the best!

    You could buy all the individual ingredients found in my RevitalizeQ Plus formula. But chances are good you won’t be getting the active and concentrated forms of these natural health breakthroughs. And you’d have to buy two, three or even more supplements to get everything you get in one capsule of RevitalizeQ Plus.

    Now, for the very first time, you can get both vital forms of CoQ10 — Ubiquinol and Ubiquinone, and the unique, concentrated form of resveratrol (plus all of the other “young again” nutrients) that my patients take -- in one powerful, money-saving, natural supplement.

    Boost your health 8 powerful ways!

    You get these unique ingredients—the very same ones taken by Dr. Stengler and his patients—in the RevitalizeQ Plus formula.

    1. Resveratrol (100mg) Can activate the “longevity gene,” supports healthy blood flow to your brain and heart…plus, it even helps promote the proper inflammatory response in your body

    2. Co-Enzyme Q10 (100mg) Supercharges your heart… promotes energy metabolism… and reduces cholesterol oxidation by using BOTH powerful forms, Ubiquinone AND Ubiquinol.

    3. Grape Seed Extract (100mg) Disarms age-stealing free radicals…and supports healthy circulation

    4. Açai fruit extract: A strong antioxidant helps seek and destroy the free radicals that make you feel older

    5. Quercetin dihydrate: Helps prevent oxidation of LDL “bad” cholesterol

    6. Pomegranate fruit extract: Powerful free-radical destroyer

    7. Alpha-lipoic acid: Protects inside and outside of your cells

    8. Curcuma longa root: Helps promote proper inflammatory response

    RevitalizeQ Plus is fully backed by Dr. Stengler’s ANYTIME GUARANTEE – it’ll help you feel younger and revitalized in 30 days or you can return ANYTIME – for a FULL REFUND, less shipping.

    Almost every week, one of the patients at my clinic will come up to me, or call me and say thank you for helping them feel alive again. Now, you can get the very best nutritional discoveries to fight aging and feel younger and healthier—all in my RevitalizeQ Plus.

    A special message from Emily Walker, Vice President,
    Dr. Mark Stengler’s Health  Products:

    “Give Father Time a kick in the rear and feel younger and revitalized in just 30 days — guaranteed!”

    Dear Friend,

    Bob Hope once joked, “You know you’re getting old when the candles cost more than the cake.”

    A lot of people joke about getting old. But if you’re anything like me, then you know that getting old is no laughing matter.

    In fact, when we polled our readers, many of them said they wanted solutions for fighting off aging without relying on doctors or expensive medical treatments.

    That’s why I’m excited to introduce Dr. Mark Stengler’s exclusive RevitalizeQ Plus™ formula.

    Nature’s best “young again” nutrients
    in one capsule!

    What makes this formula so exceptional is Dr. Stengler has taken some of the most powerful natural discoveries in anti-aging science and combined them into one supercharged supplement.

    From two special forms of CoQ10 to the exciting and concentrated form of resveratrol. From an antioxidant that’s 50 times more powerful than vitamin C to a little-known free-radical destroyer that works on the inside and outside of your cells to keep them young.

    All in one exclusive formula and all with the precise daily dosages that Dr. Stengler personally recommends to fight off aging. This has it all! Even better...

    Feel younger and revitalized in 30 days, or it’s FREE - with Dr. Stengler's “Anytime Guarantee”!

    That’s right — you’ll feel a difference in the first month or you can send it right back for every cent you paid, less shipping. But that’s not all...

    We know that RevitalizeQ Plus is a life-changer — and we don’t want you to have a single reason NOT to give it a try -- so we’re offering the best guarantee we possibly can.

    If you’re not completely satisfied, for any reason at all — you can get a FULL refund, less shipping — at ANY TIME.

    That way, you can see if RevitalizeQ Plus is right for you without worry. We’re sure you’ll feel the difference in 30 days — but we’ll give you all the time you need to see how great it feels to let 8 of the world’s greatest anti-aging nutrients course through your body, keeping you young.

    Remember, with Dr. Stengler's “Anytime Guarantee” -- you’ve got all the time you need!

    If you’re not absolutely CONVINCED that RevitalizeQ Plus is transforming your health by keeping your mind sharp, your heart healthy and your body brimming with energy — you can return it FOR ANY REASON, AT ANY TIME, for every penny you paid, less shipping. No questions asked. It’s that simple.

    Just ask yourself...

    Why should you spend one more day, watching the clock tick by...feeling like there’s nothing you can do about it? With RevitalizeQ Plus — that’s just not true! Not anymore...

    With our proprietary blend of anti-aging breakthroughs — you can feel young, healthy and vibrant no matter what year you’ve got printed on your birth certificate.

    Remember, you won’t find this cutting-edge formula anywhere else — and supplies are sure to go quick.

    So order right now and take the first step towards your new, more vibrant life, today!

    To your health,

    Emily Walker
    Vice President, Dr. Mark Stengler’s Health Products

    P.S. If you’ve tried CoQ10 or Resveratrol before and you couldn’t tell what all the fuss was about...Odds are, you didn’t try the same active and concentrated forms in RevitalizeQ Plus. And we’re so sure that RevitalizeQ Plus will make the difference you’re looking for — that we guarantee it. If you’re not absolutely thrilled with how young and vibrant you feel — you can return it, no questions asked. Why spend one more day wondering how much better life could be — try RevitalizeQ Plus and see for yourself! You’ll be glad you did.

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